ALPHA® AccuFlux™ BTC-578 Preform

ALPHA® AccuFlux™ BTC-578 Preform System is a proven method for solving voiding issues under bottom terminated components (BTC). As power requirements for BTCs are increasing, component manufacturers are designing device packages that require less voids to ensure they work as intended. New BTC components require less than 25% voids after the reflow process. 15% or even less than 10% voids are required to ensure proper function and reliability. Recognizing this trend, Alpha developed a low voiding Preform System that addresses the challenges head-on using your existing equipment and process.

ALPHA® AccuFlux™ BTC-578 Preform System

Alphas Void Reduction Solutions - ALPHA AccuFlux BTC-578 Preform System Counter CardALPHA® AccuFlux™ BTC-578 Preform System can achieve less than 5% voiding in final solder joints under proper processing conditions. It does this with a 95% confidence level. What’s more, ALPHA® AccuFlux™ BTC-578 flux coated preforms and solder paste combined with an optimized stencil design result in minimal to non-detectable flux residues, meeting the most demanding electro-chemical reliability requirements.
The Preform System can easily be implemented into an existing SMT circuit assembly process. You will leverage ALPHA’s technology and expertise to design the most consistent low voiding solution for your application.

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