Solder Preforms for PCB Assembly

Increase Solder Volume for Improved Electrical Reliability

ALPHA® Solder Preforms offer increased solder volume for joint reliability, reduced flux residue for improved electrical reliability, and void reduction under component thermal pads. The convenience of Tape & Reel packaging allows preforms to be implemented into standard SMT processes.

Alpha Solder Preforms PCB Assembly Main Banner Image

ALPHA® Tape & Reel Preforms

Selectively increase solder volume with standard pick and place equipment

Low-Temp Alloy (SnBi)

Low temperature Tape & Reel Preforms used with solder paste to reduce flux spatter and eliminate overprinting

Washers (Thru Hole Assembly)

For the integration of PCBs into higher level assemblies<

ALPHA® TrueHeight® Spacer

Improve assembly yield of BGA devices

ALPHA® AccuFlux™ BTC-578 Preforms


Flux coated solder preforms designed to enhance reliability and heat transfer through the reduction of voiding under bottom termination components


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