ALPHA® PowerBond® Preforms

High Reliability Alloys for Increased Strength and Thermal Fatigue Resistance

ALPHA® PowerBond® Solder Preforms are based on a family of lead-free, high-reliability alloys with Antimony (Sb) content ranging from 5-10%. Antimony addition results in increased strength, thermal fatigue resistance and higher liquidus temperatures, compared to traditional tin/silver/copper based lead-free systems.  In addition, ALPHA® PowerBond® Solder Preforms comply with applicable environmental standards, including RoHS for use in products requiring lead-free materials.  They are manufactured with 99.99% purity (4N alloy) ensuring highest performance. The preforms can be customized with ALPHA® TrueHeight® Preforms technology (for bond-line thickness and tilt control) and pre-coated with ALPHA® AccuFlux™ series for difficult to solder surfaces.

ALPHA® PowerBond® 2050 

These preforms expand upon industry standard Sn95Sb5 alloy to provide improved wetting characteristics. The superior soldering characteristics combined with good thermal conductivity make it a viable option for heat sink applications.

ALPHA® PowerBond® 2100 

These preforms provide highest creep resistance and tensile strength for high operating temperature applications. Alloy material properties result in superior thermal fatigue performance than traditional SAC and SnAg alloys.

ALPHA® PowerBond® 2110

These preforms balance high creep resistance of Sn90Sb10 system with high thermal conductivity required for the power semiconductor devices operating at high junction temperatures (150-175°C). The alloy composition has been particularly tailored to enable easy wetting and low voiding.


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