ALPHA® TrueHeight® Preforms

Prevent Die Tilt with Consistent Bondline Thickness

ALPHA® TrueHeight® Preforms are solder preforms designed to deliver consistent bondline thickness (BLT) and minimize die tilt resulting in predictable reliability and performance designed into the device. Engineers can be confident of achieving their design goals during manufacturing.  ALPHA® TrueHeight® Preforms are engineered with simplicity in mind to allow ease of implementation and maximum soldering performance.  Engineered embedded spacer technology can address all major applications requiring 75µm bondline and above.  In addition, ALPHA® TrueHeight® Preforms can be tailored in different sizes, shapes and thicknesses.

Alpha TrueHeight Solder Preforms Banner Main Image

ALPHA® TrueHeight® Preforms have the advantage of flexible spacer positioning. Strategic locations can be chosen to ensure consistent bondline thickness. The architecture of the design not only addresses the BLT requirement but also reduces the opportunity for voiding. The design minimizes areas where gases can be trapped compared to other technologies, during the reflow process. ALPHA® TrueHeight® Preforms can be flux coated as well, from a wide selection of fluxes.


  • BLT control of 0.075mm and above
  • Prevents bondline tilt
  • Various preform sizes, shapes and thicknesses available
  • Preforms available in all standard solder and 4N purity alloys
  • External flux coatings available for traditional and low voiding applications using non-tacky flux formulations
  • Excellent electrical reliability performance to IPC J-STD-004B
  • Variety of packaging configurations available to suit your assembly application


  • Bondline thickness control and low die tilt
  • Improved control of overall Package thickness
  • Improved thermal reliability
  • Flexibility to tailor the TrueHeight® Preforms design for specific applications
  • Simplicity of design offers best-in-class overall performance
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