ALPHA® Argomax®

In response to the power semiconductor market's drive to improve reliability and device performance for automotive, alternative energy, transportation, consumer electronics, telecommunications and industrial applications, Alpha Power Technologies has developed a line of ALPHA® Argomax® advanced sinter technology products.

Argomax® Sinter Technology products are designed to meet and even exceed the demanding quality standards of the power semiconductor industry.

Demand for increased die attach reliability and cost effective high volume manufacturing (HVM) has never been so strong. With our environmentally friendly Argomax® technology, we have been able to create low pressure sintering die attachment based on highly engineered particles. Argomax® creates extremely high thermal and electrical conductivity silver bonds with a high reliability and flexible bond line thickness. Even for the challenging technologies such as Si, SiC and GaN Die attach processes, our new Argomax® Sinter Technology products offer:
  • Low process temperatures from 190°C to 300°C
  • Low pressure sintering of 5-10 MPa or higher
  • Consistent print characteristics
  • High thermal conductivity silver bond lines ~ 250 W/mK
  • Bond lines from 5μm to 100μm
  • Dies from <1mm2 to wafers >70,000mm2
  • High volume manufacturing capabilities (up to 70,000 uph)
  • Lead free and zero voiding
  • Long shelf life and easy start up
  • Compatible with Multi-chip modules, discretes, cavity packages, stacked dies, lead frames, and more…
Application Paste Film Attachment to Ag, Au Attachment to Cu Argomax Product
Printing Dispensing
Power Modules       2010, 2020
Power Discretes       2040
Bipolar Devices         8010
Cavity Packages       2040
Wafer Level Processing       8030



Alpha has engineered sinter materials and unique processes to address all possible design implementations for power electronics.
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