ALPHA® Argomax® 5000 Series

Argomax® 5000 series from Alpha was specifically developed for low pressure sintering die attachment on Cu Substrates.  It is formulated using highly engineered silver particles, manufactured by Alpha that will give an improved attachment reliability to DBC without Au or Ag finish.

Argomax 5000 series provides high thermal and electrical conductivity silver bonds between the die and substrate, good adhesion and flexible bond line thickness.  Designed into Argomax 5000 series is excellent shelf life and reproducible print characteristics.

Features and Benefits
  • Low process temperatures 200-300ºC. Can be processed at up to 500ºC
  • Recommended sintering pressure 5-10 MPa or higher
  • High thermal conductivity silver bond line in the range of 200-300 W/mK
  • Improved attachment to Cu DBC
  • Consistent print and dispense characteristics
  • Long shelf life and easy start up


Argomax® 5000 Series


Paste – Printing or Dispensing

Sintering Temperature


Thermal Conductivity


Common substrates


Surface Finish Compatibility




Alpha has engineered sinter materials and unique processes to address all possible design implementations for power electronics. 
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