ALPHA® Argomax® 8020 Film

For Die Transfer Film

Argomax® 8020 film from Alpha is specifically developed for die attachment using low pressure sintering process designed for high volume manufacturing.  It is formulated using highly engineered silver particles, manufactured by Alpha.

Argomax® 8020 film produces high thermal and electrical conductivity silver bonds between the various components that make up your device, good adhesion and flexible bond line thickness.  Alpha can provide you with a custom designed film to produce bondlines typically from 10 to 20 µm or larger, which is an excellent choice for many large components.

Features and Benefits

  • Pure Silver bond line for high reliability and performance
  • Film format for ease of use in manufacturing
  • Easy and reliable lamination 
  • Long shelf life at room temperature
  • High thermal and electrical conductivity
  • Low sintering pressure for high yield manufacturing
  • Die attach temperatures suitable for semiconductor packaging


Argomax® 8020


Film – Die Transfer Film

Sintering Temperature


Thermal Conductivity


Common substrates


Surface Finish Compatibility

Ag , Au



Alpha has engineered sinter materials and unique processes to address all possible design implementations for power electronics. 
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