Solder Paste

ALPHA® JP-500 is a lead-free, no-clean solder paste designed for use in Jet Printers. ALPHA JP-500 features a rheology capable of standard dispensing or jetting. ALPHA JP-500 is formulated to offer best in class in circuit pin test yields, high electrical reliability, all in a zero halogen flux formulation. Outstanding reflow process window delivers good soldering on CuOSP, lead free HASL, Immersion Silver, Immersion tin and ENIG surface finishes.

ALPHA JP-500 is formulated to deliver excellent visual joint cosmetics. Additionally, ALPHA JP-500 is rated ROL0 per IPC J-STD-004.

Features & Benefits

  • Maximizes reflow yield for lead-free processing, allowing full alloy coalescence at circular dimensions as small as 0.25mm (0.010”)
  • Excellent deposit consistency with high process capability index across all board designs
  • Designed for use with the Mycronic Jet Printers
  • Zero Halogen (no halogen intentionally added to the formulation)
  • Wide reflow profile window with good solderability on various board / component finishes
  • Excellent solder and flux cosmetics after reflow soldering
  • Reduction in random solderballing levels, minimizing rework and increasing first time yield
  • Excellent pin-test yield for single and double reflow
  • Meets highest IPC 7095 voiding performance classification of Class III
  • Excellent reliability properties, zero halide material
  • Capable of high reflow yield without the use of nitrogen


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