Alpha Lead-Free Solder Paste

Alpha offers a variety of solder pastes for lead-free PCB assembly that offer high reliability and high throughput applications.


Performance Indicators Product Alloy Powder Flux J-STD 004 Classification Halogen Content
SACX Plus 0307 Innolot SAC 305 MAXREL™ Plus Sb/Bi/Ag SBX02 HRL1              Type 3 Type 4 Type 4.5 Type 5

Vacuum Solder Capable

OM-355                         ROL0  ND 
 Ultra-Low Voiding OM-358                        ROL0  ND 
Non-Eutectic & Low-Temperature  OM-550              •      •     •  ROL0  NA
Fine Feature & Ultra-cleanable OM-347      •
           •    •  ROM0 ND 
Low Temp Reflow OM 535             •      •      ROL0 ND 
Enabling Ultra-Fine Feature Printing OM-353   •            •    •   ROL0 ND 
Universal, Highest Print Speed OM-338 T                   ROL0 ND
Universal, Pin Testable, Enclosed Print Heads OM-338 PT                   ROL0 ND
Enabling 0.4mm BGA Assembly OM-338 CSP                   ROL0 ND
High Soak Profile, Paste in Through Hole CVP-390
      ROL0 ND
Increased Spread Wetting, Excellent HIP OM-340       ROL0 ND
Universal Water Soluble WS-820               ORH0 NA
Low Melting Point Water Soluble WS-852          
        ORH0 NA
High Value Pin Testable SACX Alloy CVP-360                   ROM0 <900 ppm
Package-on-Package Dip Paste PoP-33                   ROL0 ND
Package-on-Package Dip Tacky Flux PoP-707                       NA ND
Jetting Solder Paste JP-500                   ROL0 ND
Excellent paste in through hole performance, low melting point alloy CVP-520                   ROL0 ND
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