Ultra-Low Voiding Solder Paste Designed for Vacuum Solder Reflow

ALPHA® OM-355 is a lead-free, zero-halogen, no-clean solder paste designed specifically for vacuum soldering applications.  In-line vacuum soldering capabilities are becoming more common as power density increases on Ball Grid Array (BGA) and Bottom Terminated Component (BTC) packages require effective heat dissipation through void reduction.  ALPHA® OM-355 solder paste activator system is optimized for the vacuum soldering reflow process to control the rate of volatilization and reduction in surface tension which allows voids to escape under reducing atmosphere.  This promotes ultra-low voiding below 5% without the post-reflow defects commonly associated with vacuum soldering.

ALPHA® OM-355 Solder Paste is compatible with the following alloys

  • SAC305om-355
  • Innolot
  • MAXREL™ Plus

Other benefits:

  • Ultra-Low Voiding Performance: Improves heat dissipation as power densities increase on large area components such as BGA and BTC packages.
  • Excellent Random Solder Ball and Spatter Performance: Addresses common vacuum soldering defects to minimize rework and improve first pass yield.
  • Minimizes Solder Bridging Defects: Maintains electrical continuity post vacuum reflow on high density PCBs requiring large solder volume.
  • Good Coalescence and Wetting Performance: Coalesces down to 170µm with 4 mil stencil exhibiting good wetting characteristics and solder joint reliability.
  • Long, Stable Tack Force Life: Promotes high pick-and-place yields and good self-alignment to minimize rework prior to reflow.
  • Good Electromigration Characteristics: Passes JIS-Z-3197-1999: 8.3 to ensure electrical reliability & functionality.
  • Zero-Halogen, No Halogens Intentionally Added: Ensures ROHS compliance for a safe and environmentally friendly assembly process.






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