Ultra-Low Voiding, High-Reliability, RoHS Compliant, Zero-Halogen Solder Paste

ALPHA® OM-358 is a lead-free, zero-halogen, no-clean solder paste designed to provide ultra-low voiding performance on all component types including bottom termination components. Alpha OM-358 achieves IPC7095 Class III voiding on BGA components and less than 10% voiding on bottom termination components. This paste is designed for ultra-low voiding performance in high reliability alloys such as Innolot as well as traditional SAC alloys.

ALPHA® OM-347 Solder Paste Tube and Jar

ALPHA® OM-358 is a Best-In-Class Voiding Solder Paste that Offers Control of Void Distribution and High Reliability:

  • Increase Process Stability
  • Elimination of Rework
  • Enhanced Thermal and Electrical Performance

  • Excellent Electromigration Characteristics: Passes J-STD-004B IPC-TM-650 at 100µm to ensure electrical reliability & functionality of fine-pitched components.
  • Wide Reflow Profile Window: Enables high quality solderablity of complicated, high density PCB assemblies using straight ramp and soak profiles, as high as 150°C to 200°C soak.
  • Good Random Solder Ball Levels: Minimizes rework and increases first pass yield.
  • Good Coalescence and Wetting Performance: Coalesces down to 170µm exhibiting good wetting characteristics and solder joint reliability.
  • Excellent Solder Joint and Flux Residue Cosmetics: Easily penetrable and clear flux residue enables good probe contact during quality inspection.
  • Long, Stable Tack Force Life: Promotes high pick-and-place yields and good self-alignment to minimize rework prior to reflow.
  • Zero-Halogen, No Halogens Intentionally Added: Ensures RoHS compliance for a safe and environmentally friendly assembly process.



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