Ultra-Fine Feature Printing, High Electrochemical Reliability, Low Residue Solder Paste for Fine-Pitched, Low Standoff Components

ALPHA OM-372 is designed for superior performance on assemblies with ultra-fine pitch components requiring excellent stencil transfer efficiency and high electrical reliability, such as those found in mobile and wearables, computing, and medical assemblies.

Innovative solder paste enabling next generation high density assembly designs.

ALPHA OM-372 provides best-in-class electrochemical reliability on fine pitch, low standoff components, requiring excellent stencil transfer efficiency and high electrical reliability. This paste is formulated to deliver low post reflow residue and >1.66Cpk transfer efficiency process control on fine feature pads, as low as 80x130µm (008004).  

Extreme miniaturization in mobile and computing lead to development of proprietary SIR testing to entrap flux residues. ALPHA OM-372 demonstrates excellent electrochemical reliability and no dendritic growth on low standoff components.

The combination of these features, as well as excellent HiP and NWO performance, makes ALPHA OM-372 ideal for a broad range of high board density applications requiring smaller, thinner, and lighter form factor components.  ALPHA OM-372 is available specifically for applications requiring T5 and T6 powder.  

ALPHA OM-372 Key Features:

  • Best-in-class electrochemical reliability on fine pitched low standoff packages. 
  • Ultra-fine feature printing and reflow capability down to 008004 components.  
  • Minimum post reflow residue provides high reliability performance for fine pitch, high density designs when flux is entrapped under devices 
  • Excellent HiP/NWO Performance on high I/O count packages. 
  • No-Clean, Zero-Halogen


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