ALPHA® OM-5100

Solder Paste

Alpha's ALPHA® OM-5100, is a low residue, no-clean solder paste designed to maximize SMT line yields. The flux vehicle is rheologically formulated to provide excellent repeatability and resistance to environmental conditions. The ALPHA OM-5100 activation system has been optimized to enhance joint solderability, solderballs and other soldering defects while maintaining long term reliability. Minimizing defects requires robust and repeatable processes, equipment and materials.

Features & Benefits

  • Quick start up and simple product substitution from current material
  • Print Consistency: Lower “deposit to deposit” variation drives maximization of first pass print & reflow yields
  • Print Repeatability: Lower variability after production dwells, ensuring a continuous production flow with minimized level of insufficient solder joints
  • Solder Ball Reduction: Minimizing both mid chip and random solder balls helps to maximize reflow yields
  • Excellent Solder Spread: Compatibility with a variety of pad and lead finishes drives overall cosmetics & yields up
  • Excellent response to pause performance, generating less defects due to start up
  • High print speed, up to 150 mm/sec (6 inch/sec) 
  • Efficient activation system providing defect free soldering with a wide range of oven profile
  • Low residue level with minimal spread for reliable underfilling processes and results
  • Excellent reliability properties, halide-free material

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