Lead-Free, Zero-Halogen Solder Paste for Low Temperature Reflow Applications

ALPHA® OM-535 was developed with the aim to improve the solder joint performance, both for drop shock and thermal cycling, versus the existing low temperature products on the market.

The enhanced properties of low temperature SBX02 alloy combined with the advanced  chemistry performance of OM-535 enables  the formation of a better solder joint  by improving the mechanical performance and solder joint cosmetics using low temperature process settings.

ALPHA® OM-535 is a No-Clean, Low Temperature, Lead free, solder paste that is:M-535 Paste Tube and Jar

  • Type 4, No-Clean Paste
  • Lead-Free, Zero-Halogen
  • Low-Temperature SBX02 Alloy
  • Enhanced Thermal Cycling
  • Improved Drop Shock Resistance

Assembly processes that can gain from ALPHA® OM-535 Solder Paste are:

  • Low cost laminates (CEM1, FR2, etc.)
  • Standard FR4-based PCB Assemblies
  • Assemblies on Flexible Circuits (with Polyimide & low cost PET Substrates)
  • Pin-in-Paste Assemblies

ALPHA® OM-535 key attributes are:

  • Enables elimination of a second or third reflow cycle when temperature sensitive components or connectors are used.
  • Reduces energy consumption in reflow ovens versus standard lead free alloys.
  • Reduces reflow process cycle time.
  • Delivers 8+ Hour stencil life.
  • Potential elimination of bar solder, wave soldering flux, and energy costs associated with wave soldering.
  • Compatible with all commonly used lead free surface finishes (Entek HT; Alpha Star Immersion Silver, Immersion Tin, Ni/Au, SACX HASL, etc.)
  • Excellent resistance to random solder balling, minimizing rework and increasing first time yield.
  • Low temperature reflow profiles may enable the use of less expensive printed circuit board substrates.
  • Delivers very high in-circuit pin test yields, minimizing costly false negative test results.
  • Compatible with either nitrogen or air reflow.
  • Possesses excellent solder drip resistance during reflow.
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