Non-Eutectic & Low Temperature Solder Paste for Assemblies with Temperature Sensitive Substrates, Components & High Warpage Chips

ALPHA® OM-550 is a new low temperature chemistry paired with the ALPHA® HRL1 alloy. This alloy was designed to exhibit improved drop shock and thermal cycling performance versus existing low temperature alloys. Together, the flux and alloy blend to make a product that has the characteristics of a modern solder paste designed for motherboards but with the ability to reflow at lower temperatures therefore minimizing NWO and HIP defects in complex assemblies.

Revolutionizing Low Temperature Soldering ALPHA®  OM-550 Jar and Tube Image

  • ALPHA® OM-550 HRL1 is a high reliability, low-temp solder paste. The alloy in this paste has a melting point significantly lower than SAC305.
  • A minimum peak temp of only 185°C v 245°C reduces energy consumption in the SMT process. 
  • Designed to increase production yield & reduce component warpage. 

Improved Reliability v Low Temp Alloys

  • Joints formed with ALPHA® OM-550, HRL1 have improved mechanical reliability over other low temperature alloys. 
  • Drop shock performance in mixed alloy joints increased by 100% compared to other SnBi alloys. 
  • Thermal cycling reliability in mixed alloy joints improved by 20%.
  • HRL1 alloy shows best compatibility with SAC alloy versus other low temperature SnBi alloys.

ALPHA® OM-550 HRL1 Offers Many Benefits

  • Long Stencil Life: Tested up to 12 hours of continuous printing. 
  • Good voiding on various packages: BGAs, MLFs, DPAK, LGAs.
  • Low temp reflow eliminates Head-in-Pillow & NWO defect. 
  • Air & N2 reflow capable.
  • Compatible with SAC305 components!

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