ALPHA® OM-6106

ALPHA® OM-6106, is a low residue, no-clean solder paste designed to maximize SMT line throughput and yields.  The flux vehicle is rheologically formulated to provide excellent ultra-fine pitch and high-speed printing properties.  The ALPHA® OM-6106 activation system has been optimized to enhance joint solderability, solderballs and other soldering defects while maintaining long term reliability.

Features & Benefits

  • ALPHA OM-6106 is suitable for ultra-fine pitch applications such as 0.5mm (20 mil) pitch Flip-Chip and 0201 assembly.

  • Excellent print repeatability to 0.25mm (10 mil) circles at high print speeds (based upon a 0.125mm (5 mil) stencil thickness).
  • Excellent response to pause performance, generating less defects due to start up.

  • Uses universally available Type 3 powder.

  • High print speed, up to 200mm/sec (8/sec) and fast release speed to give rapid print cycle times.

  • Low residue level with minimal spread for reliable underfilling processes and results.

  • Excellent solderballing characteristics.
  • Excellent reliability properties, halide-free material

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