ALPHA® Bar HiFlo® 63/37

High Fluidity Bar Solder

HiFlo® solder is manufactured with virgin metals process through Alpha’s proprietary viscosity and dross lowering treatments which create the purest, lowest drossing, highest fluidity solder. HiFlo is then alloyed and cast in a closed-loop injection system under a nitrogen blanket which leaves it free of cast-in impurities and included oxides. This enhances its low drossing characteristics.

Features & Benefits


  • Increases production speed
  • Minimizes drossing
  • Reduces icicling
  • Solders at lower temperature
  • Selective control of raw materials
  • Unique process for pot monitoring and analysis
  • Proprietary pot treatments for control of oxides & viscosity

  • Reduces production cost
  • Reduces bridging
  • Solders densely populated boards
  • Increases yield
  • Nitrogen inerted molten casting process
  • Proprietary control of trace elements to inhibit the formation of dross



  • Decreases wetting force required to wet out pads & thru-holes
  • Depressed bridging in fine pitch technology
  • Smaller fillets yield more joints per pound
  • Lowers dross generation
  • Easier inspection & less rework / touch-up due to brighter solder joints
  • Significantly improves throughput
  • Better peel off at wave exit
  • Compensates for board design that causes shadowing & reduces solder skips
  • True parabolic shaped fillets
  • Extends pot life by allowing lower operating temperature
  • Decreases solder defects
  • Reduces surface tension in nitrogen blanket soldering equipment

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