ALPHA® Bar Vaculoy SMG

Wave Solder Bar

Vaculoy SMG solder is alloyed in Alpha’s proprietary Vaculoy process utilizing materials of the lowest impurity levels available. This provides the basis for it to far exceed the requirements for solder set by J-STD-006A and previous military specification QQS-571F. In addition, Alpha’s unique Vaculoy process removes included oxides. Inspection of each lot of material by both chemical analysis and Dross Inclusion Tests guarantees consistency with regard to metallic and non-metallic impurities, including oxides.

Features & Benefits

The proprietary Vaculoy process used to produce Vaculoy SMG Bar Solder is a highly effective method for removing included oxides from solder. This is extremely important because included oxides generate excessive drossing and increase the viscosity of the solder. Solder with higher viscostiy can result in increased soldering defects (i.e. solder bridging). In addition, the extremely low oxide levels in Vaculoy ensure strong, clean and well-formed solder joints.

The exceedingly low levels of metallic and non-metallic impurities associated with Vaculoy SMG solder produces the highest quality solder joints while minimizing defect rates. This is due to the superior fluidity of the solder and the elimination of included oxides for greatly reduced drossing and improved wetting characteristics.

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