ALPHA® Precision Milled Stencils

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ALPHA® Precision Milled, Multi-Level Stencils are the latest in Alpha’s range of state-of-the-art printing stencils. They are designed to enable optimal control of the paste deposits when assembling boards containing a wide variety of component sizes. They allow greater flexibility in the transition from one thickness to another and improved surface quality.

ALPHA® Precision Milled Stencils are designed to produce the best printing performance by enabling less visible paste smearing and improved repeatability of print deposits. They allow reduced pressure to be used when printing stepped stencils and increased flexibility in design of the “Keep Out ” area.

What you get:

  • Greater flexibility in the transition from one thickness to another
  • Surface roughness values in the steps closer to that of the main stencil
  • Less paste smearing
  • Improved repeatability of print deposits
  • Reduced pressure on steps compared to etch step stencils
  • Enables use of Multi-level stencils on closed-head printing systems
  • More flexibility in the design of the “Keep Out" area

ALPHA® Precision Milled Stencil – Multi-Level technology for optimum printing performance.

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