ALPHA® - Repair Mini and Micro Stencils

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ALPHA® Repair are mini and micro rework stencils, for the controlled, localized printing of solder pastes for reattaching single components, particularly BGAs, µBGAs, PLCCs, QFNs and QFPs to circuit boards. Rework is a combination of art and science and the positioning and volume of the solder paste deposit is critical to its success. ALPHA® Repair stencils utilize the device footprint details and the original stencil aperture modification data to optimize the paste deposit. ALPHA® Repair stencils are also suitable for depositing flux pastes and electronics adhesives.

Board print stencils
Flat stencils with hand formed folds for optimum co-planarity and paste retention these can be taped to the board in the appropriate position for printing where space allows. Our manufacturing flexibility gives us the ability to produce to meet the requirements of manual, automated and semi-automated systems

Print-on-component stencils
Designed specifically to work with rework systems and used to print paste directly on the component in readiness for pick-up, inspection, replacement and reflow.

Component repair stencils
Highly accurate stencil combinations for re-fluxing and re-balling BGAs and µBGAs for re-use. Used for the precise placement of balls down to 0.15mm in diameter.

What you get:
  • Paste deposits optimized through experience
  • Flexibility to interface with rework systems
  • Accurate repeatability
  • Effective solder paste containment
  • Individual squeegee with each ALPHA® Repair stencil

Alpha® Repair - Practical rework solutions

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