ALPHA® Tetrabond™

Frameless Stencil Foils Taking "Frameless" Stencil Technology to a New Level. Knowledge, Experience and Service at the Forefront of Stencil Technology.

All ALPHA® Stencils are available as frameless foils for mounting in ALPHA® Tetra and VectorGuard foil frames. Alpha are now taking this technology to a new level with the launch of ALPHA® Tetreabond™. ALPHA® Tetreabond™ is the culmination of "frameless" stencil development; an elegantly simple system designed to enhance the rigidity of the foil, making safe mounting and demounting an easier proposition. Innovatively encompassed in a thin, one piece aluminum extrusion, ALPHA® Tetreabond™ stencil foils are designed for use with Tetra and VectorGuard foil tensioning frames and are backward compatible with the majority of frames currently in the market. They are available with all ALPHA® stencil technologies (ALPHA® Cut, ALPHA® Nickel-Cut™and ALPHA® Form) to suit the majority of printer size requirements.

What you get:

  • Accurate - Image ‘float’, associated with mesh mounted stencils, is eliminated 
  • Safe - No sharp edges make ALPHA® Tetrabond™ foils safer to use and handle 
  • Excellent rigidity - Best-in-class. 
  • Easy to use - Mounting and demounting are achieved simply without the need for a loading jig. Foils can be readily cleaned when released from the frame, without the need for a washing jig. 
  • Durable - Rigid frame reduces potential for stencil handling damage 
  • Space efficient - Up to five ALPHA® Tetrabond™ foils can be stored in the same space as a conventional framed stencil, each in its own protective cassette. 
  • Simple elegant design - The "Back" to Basics” design approach utilizing only three components (stencil foil, one part alloy sub-frame and advanced bonding system) provides enhanced performance while minimizing “opportunity for error” 

ALPHA® Tetrabond™ - Taking frameless stencil foil technology to a new level

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