Robotic Soldering

ALPHA® flux cored solder wires have been formulated to accommodate a wide variety of robotic soldering processes.  It offers consistent and excellent solder joint integrity, delivering high throughput and yields while reducing consumption.

The cored wire meets the highest industry standards for electro-chemical reliability and is very fast wetting with low flux spatter. The halogen free series are developed to comply with the recent trend for environment protection.

Alpha's recommended Cored Wire Products for Robotic Soldering:

Solder Wire

Fluxes Flux Type IPC J-STD-004 Flux Classification Halogen Free* Halide Free**
TELECORE XL-825 ROL1   <1000 ppm***

New ALPHA® SAC305 Ultrafine Cored Wire is ideal for robotic soldering and rework, specifically where miniaturization is a concern and can be used for any customer who has previously approved larger diameter wire using: ALPHA® SAC305 Ultrafine Cored Wire Badge

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