Alpha is an organization mindful of ethical and environmental responsibilities.  Throughout our history, we have engaged in sustainable acts and continue to be proactive in the ways we, as an organization, can affect change through our own behavior, in addition to the broader influence we can have on our customers, affiliates and the electronics industry as a whole.  From our dedication to sourcing conflict-free minerals, robust quality management systems and recycling services to our leading innovation in the development of electric vehicles, Alpha is committed to sustainability.

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We are committed to join forces with customers and suppliers to become a more sustainable organization. Let’s work together to influence markets and the industry towards leveraging eco-friendly products, conflict-free minerals and recycling programs.

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At Alpha, we’re working to create a more sustainable supply chain, but we know there’s still a lot to do.  We have several programs underway to facilitate the transition to a more environmentally sustainable business, while keeping focus on developing the electronic industry’s highest quality, most innovative products.


Conflict-Free Minerals Sourcing
RoHS/REACH Compliance
Quality Management Systems
Recycling Services

Greener Electronics

Electric/Hybrid Vehicles
PV and Solar Panels Applications
Low Temperature Soldering Materials
Lead-Free/Halogen-Free Materials

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