objectiveManufacture of solder paste results in losses due to samples, testing, and in process waste due to the manufacturing process.  This wasted material was packaged and shipped to our Altoona, PA, foundry for reclamation resulting in energy usage, shipping expenses, and additional manufacturing costs.

six sigma projectUsing Pareto Analysis, Failure Mode and Effects Analysis, and improved Control Actions, we were able to redesign our manufacturing operation and sample requirements to reduce the need to recycle solder paste scrap in Altoona.

resultsThe amount of waste material sent from Mexico to Pennsylvania was cut in half as a result of this project resulting in savings of over $20,000 per year in reduced energy costs and additional amounts due to reduced transportation, packaging materials, and labor involved in the reclamation of the material.  Total impact due to the reductions was over $100K per year. 
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