SACX Plus Alloys, Their Value Really Adds Up!

Posted 08/07/2012 by $username

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SACX Wave Solder Alloy

Alpha has just what you’re looking for; lower cost, high performance and high reliability alloys that are widely available and made with care.  These alloys; SACX Plus 0807 (i.e. 0.8% Ag), SACX Plus 0307 and SACX Plus 0107 contain just the right amount of Ag for the assembly(s) you want to build. These alloys have been thoroughly tested and approved for use by many of worlds top electronics firms. Tens of millions of boards using these alloys have been installed in electronics equipment currently in use worldwide.

 Take a look at the savings from one assembler who switched to SACX Plus 0807 from SAC305:


  SAC 305     SACX PLUS ® 0807 
 Cost Per Kg  $70.00  $50.00
 Alloy Consumed ( Lbs / Yr)  785  785
 Total Alloy Value  $54,950  $39,250

 Cost Alloy Variance


So don't pay more money for Ag than you need to.  See how our lineup of SACX Plus alloys can save you money today!