Alpha ASPEN Identities Low Temperature Processing Value!

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We understand the complexity involved in changing alloys, so we designed the ASPEN software app with seven modules designed to help navigate through this challenging decision.  Our goal is to help you determine if your process is a suitable candidate for implementing low temperature SMT processing. The modules cover the following factors related to alloy selection:

  • Reliability: Your data and test requirements for drop shock, thermal cycling and thermal shock are loaded into the app.
  • Bismuth: The BiSn eutectic alloy has good accelerated thermal fatigue characteristics as reported in the NCMS Lead-Free Solder Project Report 6. making it an excellent low temperature processing alloy.
  • Low Temperature Processing: The reliability and performance requirements of many electrical end products are easily compatible with low temperature processing performance.
  • Eliminating Wave Soldering: The elimination of wave soldering has many value creation benefits, including lower process materials cost, lower energy cost and less equipment maintenance cost.
  • Laminates: They are the single largest direct materials cost after components.  Shifting to low temperature processing often allows for less expensive PCBs.
  • Proven Applications: Alpha is actively supporting customers globally that make a wide variety of assembly types in low temperature processes.
  • Intellectual Property: Alpha is fully licensed to produce and sell the most prevalent standard lead-free alloys, including low temperature SnBiAg.


After completing the Alpha Aspen app, you will receive a customized Engineering Document containing: a Fitness for Use Report, Areas for Value Creation and Process recommendations.  You can use this document to help justify a trial of our leading low temperature solder paste – ALPHA® CVP-520.


Click here to preview Aspen and enter your contact information.  An Alpha representative will contact you to set up a convenient time to present the Alpha Aspen low temperature processing app to you.  Alpha helps you create value!