ALPHA Telecore HF-850 Cored Solder Wire in Action

Posted 08/29/2013 by $username

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The rate at which these solid state applications is being adopted is dependent on  manufacturers and assemblers seeking to reduce assembly costs, while maintaining LED lifetime / brightness performance and color quality.

ALPHA’s® Telecore HF-850 cored solder wire was developed to provide value in the LED manufacturing chain, most notably by increasing board reflectivity and reducing of rework as a result of its  low, clear flux residue.  

An Alpha Case Study:

A major manufacturer of LED lighting devices located in Mexico was using conventional cored wire with the SAC305 alloy.

Issue: The conventional cored wire left a level of residue that created cosmetic and reflectivity concerns.  The final assembly had a transparent cover that exposed the amber residue.

Since the joints were visually exposed, the customer was required to remove all flux residues with an added cleaning process step which increased the manufacturing cost.

Solution: ALPHA® HF-850 SAC305 P1 cored wire was proposed by Alpha the customer for evaluation which resulted in improved quality of soldering, elimination of residues and elimination of the cleaning step.

The pre-existing process required a total of 12 cleaning operators and two additional inspectors for all three operating lines.

With the implementation of ALPHA® HF-850, the daily number of reworks for flux residue was reduced to zero, thus eliminating the need for rework operators.

Further, elimination of rework also improved the throughput at the customer’s facility.

HF-850 LED Case Study Manufacturing Cost Savings