ALPHA Argomax Advanced Sinter Technology Enables High Volume Manufacturing

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In response to the power semiconductor market's drive to improve reliability and device performance for automotive, alternative energy, transportation, consumer electronics, telecommunications and industrial applications, Alpha Power Technologies has developed a  new line of products based on silver sinter technology.  ALPHA® Argomax® advanced sinter products provide superior properties for your die attach and bonding applications when compared to traditional solder alloys: ≥ 5 times the thermal conductivity; ≥ 10 times the reliability; allows operating temperatures ≥ 200̊C; and, absolutely no voids. In addition, these products are designed to exceed the demanding quality standards of the power semiconductor industry.

Our complete line of products will provide unsurpassed process capabilities: sintering in seconds for increased throughput and low pressure to protect valuable components. This combination of process capabilities and product performance is ideal for high temperature Si, thin die, SiC and GaN.

Argomax® technology is the result of our intensive R&D work and close collaboration with our customers.  Over 70 electronics companies have evaluated Argomax®, including manufacturers of power semiconductors, LED’s and others.  Argomax® sinter technology has been selected for use in their most demanding die attach applications. 


The main driver behind ALPHA® Argomax® sinter technology is to enable the highest levels of reliability and performance while enabling high productivity.  Indeed, achieving new reliability standards in high volume manufacturing processes is the key exceeding customer requirements.

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 Argomax® is routinely tested under extreme conditions.  Thermal cycling ranges of -55°C/+200°C are common (pass > 1000 cycles).  It has even passed more than 1000 cycles where the ΔT was 270°C.  Under constant conditions of 230°C, Argomax® again was able to maintain a strong bond with no appreciable die shear degradation for over 1000 hours.  The same results are found under power cycling conditions as well, where the junction temperature (Tj) is often 200°C and the ΔTj is more than 150°C.  How would solder alloys respond to such conditions? 

Now that you know Argomax® can provide unparalleled performance, how can you take advantage of this performance and implement it in high volume manufacturing?  The answer is: Alpha has developed a complete line of Argomax® products, not a single product.  We have done extensive process development to give our customers numerous options so they will be  able to take advantage  of the properties Argomax® offers.  You can purchase pastes for printing and dispensing.  You can purchase films for DTF and wafer level processes.  Whether you want to put Argomax® on the substrate or the die, there is a product available to you.  Also, Alpha has been able to develop products that allow you to use different finishes on your substrate and die depending on the reliability targets you want to achieve.  Silver, gold and Cu are the traditional finishes for which Argomax® products can be applied.  Other finishes are possible as well, and our applications laboratories can help choose the correct product.

Argomax product line

Argomax® 2000 and 5000 series are pastes, available in syringes or jars, and developed to bond to silver and gold, and copper respectively.  Independent of the product, high die shear, high peel strength and uniform bonds are achieved.  Argomax® 8000 series films (patent pending), available in foils, rolls, or engineered shapes, eliminate the need for printing and dispensing.  These films can be laminated to an entire wafer and then diced or can be laminated on to each individual die using the die transfer film process (DTF) developed by Alpha®.  The film is an ideal option for large area attachment.  In fact there is no fundamental limit on the area that can be bonded.  Also, films are ideal for thin die because there is no material outside the die area that could move up the side of the die to contaminate the top surface.  Regardless of which Argomax® product you chose, you will achieve the performance you need. 

In summary, Argomax® enables new design rules and the use of new semiconductors such as GaN and SiC.  You can reduce the size of your package (dimensions and weight) and dramatically increase efficiency, while maintaining high reliability.  Our customers are pushing the envelope and moving to a new generation of devices. 

Alpha® has made significant investment in our global applications laboratories enabling us to demonstrate the value of Argomax®.  Located in the US, Japan and soon to come in Germany, they are ideally located to provide local support to the major electronics companies around the globe. These applications laboratories have the latest, top-of-the-line equipment that gives us capabilities for product development, process development and analytics, thus ensuring that our teams can respond in a timely manner to all of your technical requirements.

Argomax® is the direct response to the present and future needs of “green” technologies, such as wind mills, hybrid electric cars and efficient high speed trains. In other words, Argomax® can help to preserve our environment. It is ready to take on the most demanding applications, and  is currently in production in high volume on equipment readily available in the market.  These first mover companies are taking advantage of Argomax® technical benefits and reduced cost of ownership. 

This technology was developed 100% by Alpha® and scaled in house and thanks to our new state-of-the-art manufacturing facility dedicated to the production of our complete line of Argomax® products with the capacity to supply your volume demands.

Argomax®: the most advanced sinter materials for all of your die attach applications.


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