ALPHA's A.R.T.E. Stencil Tool Creates Value!

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Imagine this challenge to your PCB printing operation:  Your company, a contract manufacturer, produces a wide array of PCB assemblies, from simple to the very complex for a wide range of industries, including the automotive, consumer, wireless, medical, industrial and telecom.  Many of your designs are fine pitch, and the product quality and knowledge you receive from your stencil supplier is starting to become critical to your success in supporting your customers.

The process used by many stencil suppliers is to receive the Gerber data for a stencil, cut the stencil and ship it.  Essentially there is no communication or technical support on the specific stencil design, no recommendations on the data and no discussions on what the customer is trying to achieve.  In addition, there is no discussion on improving processes or addressing the challenges facing the customer’s specific production process. 

ALPHA manufactures state-of -the-art stencils for the Americas and European markets, and we utilize our A.R.T.E. (Area Ratio Transfer Efficiency) tool to take the existing Gerber data for the customer’s stencil, and based on our experience and design rules, quickly calculate each aperture based on its size and shape.  This allows us to accurately predict whether or not solder paste insufficients may result based on each specific component being used -- even before a stencil order is placed or a stencil is cut.  We typically make design recommendations that yield a superior stencil that matches the customer’s process challenges.  The A.R.T.E. tool has shown to be very beneficial to customers using fine pitch or micro components in their assemblies.

The benefits of the A.R.T.E. tool are:

ARTE Steps for Stencils

ALPHA® A.R.T.E. provides the high level of detail that can quickly determine areas of concern.  It is the basis for producing an ALPHA® stencil – the first time -- that can increase throughput, reduce printing defects, lower board processing costs and create value.  For information on ALPHA’s full line of advance stencil products, go to