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We continue to invest and expand our capabilities to take back metal waste streams and responsibly recycle that waste into high purity raw materials for reuse.  Our facilities are located in the Americas and European Regions.

Alpha is your single source for comprehensive Recycling Services.  We help our customers properly dispose of their metal waste, while delivering the highest value to them.  Our program provides:

-  Controlled collection

-  Conformance to state and federal regulations

-  Free metal buckets for collection and shipping

-  Recycling done in our ISO 14001certified recycling facility

-  Freight paid by Alpha to our facility for shipments in the USA and Canada of 500 pounds or more of dross and pot metal

-  A Certificate of Recycling upon request

-  Lot traceability

-  Prompt settlements

-  The dedication of our experienced environmental and reclamation staff.

Alpha can assist you with the proper recycling of the following metal waste:

Solder paste is a combination of flux and solder powder and as such requires special reprocessing methods. Unused solder paste should be segregated in a separate container for recycling. Alpha is a major global manufacturer of solder paste, and has all of the expertise required for its safe processing. These skills are not necessarily available from companies who do not manufacture solder paste.

Solder dross and pot metals are by-products of wave soldering processes and are created by the exposure of molten metals to oxygen.  Dross is a combination of solid metal and an oxide which also contains metal.  All dross and pot metal should be segregated by alloy as this will yield the highest rate of return for your company.

Circuit board scrap (E-Waste) is classified as a combination of scrap printed circuit boards (populated or un-populated) as well as trim, cut leads, cable and wire harness assemblies, and complete box build assemblies. Alpha provides recycling and destructive services for these materials which will include a certificate of destruction or recycling in order to protect the intellectual property of those products.

Photovoltaic (PV) scrap is a by-product of the Photovoltaic manufacturing process which can include pure tin, tin-lead, tin-silver or tin-lead silver coated copper ribbon and cable wire scrap.  Alpha provides complete recycling services for all of these materials.

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