The Problem: Produce 1,000,000 parts per day, using 50µm thick die, with no voids and requiring high heat dissipation

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The power semiconductor market produces more than 170 billion discrete components a year to exacting standards.  High volume manufacturing (HVM), cost effective process technology is a must to achieve these goals.

ALPHA® Argomax® Ag sinter film technology solves The Problem.    By using Argomax® film, you can produce 1,000,000 parts per day with less capital equipment and less factory floor space when compared to existing processes.  In addition, by replacing soft solder and conventional die attach paste with Argomax® film, you can perform the die attach process using very thin dies, 50µm or even less, with confidence and take advantage of its high thermal conductivity (>200 W/mK) and superior reliability.

                                 Argomax QFN32 Production Line Improvement

The power electronics manufacturing companies around the world need to develop their HVM capabilities, in order to meet the current and future demand for highly reliable packages.  These packages must withstand extreme junction temperature ranges (ΔTj) of more than 175°C and thermal cycling ranges (ΔT) up to 300°C.

Our technical partners confirmed that with Argomax®, they could manufacture 1,000,000 parts per day with no sacrifice in reliability. They also determined that Argomax® technology is compatible with new package designs that incorporate SiC, GaN and others, while maintaining the same HVM efficiency. Given ALPHA® Argomax® performance characteristics, this is not a surprise.

In addition, Argomax® sinter technology can meet the rapidly growing power electronics industry demand, including the needs for emerging ‘green’ technologies, like wind mills, solar power, power production and distribution, hybrid electronic cars, and efficient high speed trains.

Available in paste for printing and dispense applications, in addition to film for laminate, die transfer and wafer level processes, Argomax® lead-free Ag sinter technology has the flexibility to meet your manufacturing process requirements.

Please visit us at to learn more about our technology and to discover the multiple manufacturing process options that Argomax® can provide.  Argomax® is the FIRST sinter technology used in production. And, there are other “Firsts” we can share with you.