What did the electronics assembly industry do with its $400,000,000 savings on a special lead-free solder alloy since 2006?

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We calculate that since the 2006 RoHS implementation that ALPHA® SACX® lead-free solder alloys have created $400,000,000 in savings as assemblers switched from the more expensive SAC305 to our highly reliable low Ag alloys. If your were among the smart engineers to make the switch early, what did you do with the money you saved your company? Intensify your R&D? Add more equipment? Increase your engineering staff? Go to the beach?

Seriously though, the cost savings is important, but the SAC305-like soldering performance delivered byALPHA® SACX® a great reward for switching resulting in strong joints and fewer defects.

SACX Plus 10 Year

Actually,  ALPHA® SACX®  was launched in 2003 ahead of RoHS and celebrated its 10th Anniversary in 2013!  It enabled the conversion from traditional SnPb alloys to lead-free alloys in response to the RoHS regulations.  In addition to facilitating this transition, SACX® alloys delivered:

  • Protection from Ag cost volatility
  • Tougher solder interconnects vs. alloys without Ag
  • Significantly improved resistance to drop shock compared to higher Ag alloys.

Today, leading global electronics manufacturers in many markets are using ALPHA® SACX and SACX Plus® alloys to assemble their electronic devices which touch the lives of millions of people around the world. SACX Plus® is available in:

  • Low-Ag alloy options each engineered for specific customer applications: 0107, 0307, 0307 HASL and 0807
  • Bar, solder wire, preforms, spheres and solder paste, providing alloy compatibility for a wide range of applications
  • ALPHA®'s propriety Vaculoy® manufacturing process. which maximizes alloy purity and minimizes dross

So, if you're not one of the lucky ones who has been saving money for years, it's not too late. Start saving today with ALPHA® SACX Plus®.  Visit for more information.

SACX Plus 10 Year
SACX Plus 10 Year