How Can You Decrease Your Solder Paste Cost Without Changing Chemistry?

Posted 06/05/2014 by $username

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OM-353 Solder Paste ImageThe need to drive down ultra-fine feature printing costs in today’s highly sophisticated electronics processes, while maintaining high solder joint reliability, is a challenge for many assemblers.  They often find that in order to identify a higher performing solder paste, such as one with a different Ag alloy and/or powder type, they must absorb the high cost of requalifying new paste candidates, and spend considerable time and energy researching available candidates, setting up the trials and evaluating the results.

Alpha’s new no-clean, lead-free, zero-halogen solder paste -- ALPHA® OM-353 – will help assemblers overcome this stubborn, expensive obstacle.  Our highly functional new product is available in SAC305 and SACX® alloys and in Type 4 and Type 5 powder sizes, and their chemistry is identical!  OM-353 provides excellent stencil printing performance with a wide process window, and it offers long stencil life even in warm/humid production environments.  Its high tack force life ensures high pick and place yields and good self-alignment.  OM-353 provides excellent coalescence and wetting performance for small (160µm) circle deposits in a high soak air environment. Its very well balanced chemistry allows for the mitigation of HIP defects.  OM-353’s flux residue does not char or burn after reflow soldering, resulting in excellent solder joint and flux residue cosmetics.  It is pin testable and passes the JIS Copper Corrosion test. OM-353 is safe and environmentally friendly to use, and has zero-halogen content with no halogens intentionally added.