Get Soldering Performance and Joint Reliability in a Pb free Ag free Alloy

Posted 03/12/2014 by $username

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SnCX ImageALPHA® SnCX Plus™ 07 is a lead-free, silver-free alloy developed by Alpha, comprised of tin, copper and several unique additives designed to enhance alloy performance. It is engineered to be a cost effective alternative to other lead-free, silver-bearing alloys in terms of overall performance and reliability on standard complexity single and dual sided electronic assemblies. It can be used as a replacement for SnPb, l SAC  and other lead-free, silver-free alloys in wave, selective soldering, lead tinning and rework processes.  ALPHA® SnCX Plus 07 delivers best-in-class performance over many of the popular tin copper solder alloys. It exhibits fast wetting speed and high wetting force at standard Pb-free pot temperatures which is a good predictor of good hole fill. It contains special additives which significantly reduces dross formation and copper erosion, and it produces smooth and bright solder joints. 

Many assemblers are already realizing the benefits of using SnCX Plus 07. One assembler in Mexico recently told us that when they switched from another popular SnCu based alloy to SnCX Plus™ 07 they experienced a significant  reduction in their dross rate, and they were able to lower their pot temperature, resulting in energy cost savings.  Consider the value switching to SnCX Plus™ could create in your process.