Argomax® Newsletter #22

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In just one application, high speed trains, a new power module designed with Argomax® delivered 30% real electrical energy savings on the rail line.

Our world is in constant movement. This movement impacts every aspect of our lives, in particular the energy sector that is being pushed to its limits. World population increases but our resources are limited. Prices increase and our environment suffers.

 “Green technologies”, like electric cars, efficient high speed trains, wind mills and photovoltaic farms, can reduce the pressure on traditional energy sources. Argomax® sinter technology enables new levels of efficiency in these green technologies because it possesses high thermal conductivity (200-250W/mK) and delivers high reliability. Alpha developed Argomax® as a direct response to the needs outlined and it is ready to take on the most demanding applications like SiC and GaN.


-By allowing customers to achieve extremely high levels of reliability at operating temperatures ≥200°C

-By enabling new design rules that allow the power semiconductor manufacturers to reduce die and package area by as much as 50%, which can mean significant weight savings in applications where it is important.

-By helping to reduce electrical losses compared to a Si die by more than 50%


Alpha is dedicated to sintering technology and its potential benefits to our society. We use tools such as, thermal modeling, stress modeling, fundamental material characterization, to aid our customers in the implementation of the technology. We can demonstrate these features to you in our application centers situated in the US, Europe and Japan. Major semiconductors companies have already taken advantage of these centers of excellence, to process their parts and to assess our Argomax® sinter technology. For them, the technical benefits and the reduced cost of ownership, in addition to the technical support that our teams of experts can provide, is key to their success.

                      2D Static Temperature Profiles

Alpha Argomax Newsletter Image 2D Static Temperature Profiles

Power device chip systems with Argomax® and conventional solder. P=2000W, Si3N4 DCB substrate

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