Argomax® Newsletter #25

Posted 04/27/2015 by $username

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Over the years, the entire Argomax® team dedicated its efforts and strengths to one mission. This mission is to deliver the best products, the best processes with the best value for all your applications.

From pastes to films (with Argomax® 2000 series, 5000 series and 8000 series products), from lead frame die attach to multi die packages, heat spreaders, LED’s or bipolar devices, we have the high volume manufacturing solution that will fulfill your technical needs, your reliability requirements and your process constraints.

Indeed, high reliability has been demonstrated on all the common lead frames packages on the market, like TO263, TO247, TO220, QFN and others. Also multi die package sintering has been made easy with the use of Argomax® 8000 series films for better performance and overall cost savings. Heat spreader attachment has never been so convenient and straightforward, with Argomax® 8010 film, made to your exact design and dimensions with no limitations. Finally, bipolar device bonding with Argomax® 8010 film ensures high thermal conductivity, high reliability and improved surge current capabilities with a high yield process.

But, as we all know technology is always moving forward, and so is Alpha. Our engineers are never fully satisfied. Our goal is to be first to offer you the best technology at the best value,

As the leader in innovation and advanced technologies, you should expect the best from Alpha. And Alpha is  again making a world’s first with a revolutionary new sintering product that will make sinter technology easier and more versatile than ever.

We will be proud to introduce you with this brand new Argomax® 9000 series product in our next newsletter and to demonstrate it live during PCIM show in Nuremberg from May 19th to 21st.

Stay posted…

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