Argomax® Newsletter #23

Posted 03/23/2015 by $username

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In April this year, we announced the grand opening of our new Die Attach Applications Center in Langenfeld, Germany.

Die Attach Application Center Image 1 

This state-of-the-art facility’s mission, was to offer opportunities for European and other global companies to run their assemblies on the latest die attach equipment using advanced ALPHA® sintering, soldering and polymer technologies.

Die Attach Application Center Image 2    Die Attach Application Center Image 3

Since the opening in June, we can proudly confirm that our Die Attach Application Center’s mission started with success.

Take a look at this:

- 50% of the 20 top global power semiconductor companies have been running their assemblies in our application center in the last weeks

-  29 “technology demonstrations” took place since the grand opening in June 2014

- 92% of “First Time Right” realizations on all the assemblies that we have been processing with our customers

2015 will be a very important year too for Argomax® and our Die Attach Application Center. We will continue our development of unique die attach products technologies to meet today’s application but moreover to jump into the future with you. We will make of this center of excellence, the reference in Die Attach processes and also an interactive place where customers, R&D, application teams will meet and progress. To do so, some technology demonstrations, seminars and training events featuring die attach technology advancements for all the die attach applications will take place there.

This is just the beginning but we would like to thank our loyal and faithful customers who supported us for many years, by using our products. These customers are our best ambassadors of Argomax® sinter technology.

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