Argomax® Newsletter #24

Posted 03/23/2015 by $username

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These vehicles have already proven to be commercially successful for niche market, but are they cost effective and able to deliver the performance and quality that customers expect, to become the majority of the market?  Maybe not and this is the reason why car manufacturers are focusing on improving silicon performance and new wide band gap semiconductors like SiC and GaN which offer reduced size and weight with an increased vehicle range, while also potentially decreasing the overall system costs for  better performance.

Argomax® sinter technology is helping the automotive industry to reach these objectives and is setting new standards in the automotive industry, and enabling new levels of reliability and efficiency, while creating value on every car produced.

Our automotive customers have pushed the envelope of the reliability, exposing Argomax® to rigorous power cycling temperatures, creating ΔT greater than 100ºC with success. They also compared Argomax® with the best in class solder, which Argomax® outperformed by a factor of 10.

The industry leaders clearly confirmed their choice towards sintering technology, the only technology that is capable to provide them a high volume manufacturing option to replace leaded alloys, the only technology offering zero voiding and an increased reliability compared to solder, the only technology ready to take on the most demanding applications like SiC and GaN.

Alpha Argomax® was designed with the stringent automotive quality standards in mind and so was our manufacturing plant in Singapore. The Argomax® manufacturing plant is a state of the art facility, capable to produce in high volume and your products with consistent quality. 

Alpha follows APQP methodology which allows us to develop processes and controls to ensure that our customers receive the most advanced sintering technology every time.

Our Singapore manufacturing plant has been successful in meeting the quality requirements of automotive industry customers, giving them confidence that Alpha was serious, from the inception of Argomax® through manufacturing in high volumes, about the criticality of a strong and reliable quality system.       

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