Void Reduction Solutions

ALPHA® Void Reduction Solutions is a proven methodology to address all types of voiding issues in SMT assembly. It starts as an engineering engagement with our customer to understand critical process parameters, design factors, and equipment information that could impact void performance. Our team of experts will analyze your process and develop an engineered recommendation addressing material sets, equipment settings, and stencil design strategies to produce your desired voiding levels.

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  • Process Design and Material Factors for Voiding Control for Thermally Demanding Applications - Download Whitepaper

  • Void Reduction Strategy for Bottom Termination Components (BTC) Using Flux Coated Preforms - Download Whitepaper

  • Effect Of Voids On Thermo‐mechanical Reliability Of Solder Joints - Download Whitepaper

  • Void Reduction in BTC Using Vacuum Assisted Reflow - Download Whitepaper


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Void reduction is complex. A number of factors contribute to void generation, so in order to address this common problem, Alpha is focused on understanding all the variables:

Process Expertise

PCB Design
Reflow Profile
Surface Finish
Machine Parameters

Innovative Products

Solder Paste
Solder Preforms
High Reliability Alloys
Stencil Design

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