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Alpha is a materials supplier to the electronics assembly, power electronics, die attach, LED lighting, photovoltaics, semiconductor packaging, automotive and other industries. Our breadth of products includes Solder Paste, Solder Preforms, Stencils, Liquid Soldering Flux, Soldering Alloys, Cored Wire, Surface Mount Adhesives, Electronic Cleaners and Sinter Technologies.

  • November 01, 2016

    Impact of Spread Performance of cored solder wire for LED Luminaire Assembly

    Posted 11/02/16 by Amit Patel, Project Manager - Engineer for the LED Technologies

    The performance of cored solder wire for the lighting industry can provide both unique areas of value associated specifically with the LED industry and values commonly seen in the traditional electronics industry.  One particular value is the spreadability performance of cored solder wire which can directly impact areas such as throughput, reliability, material consumption and aesthetics.

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Introducing ALPHA® OM-353 and OM-535 Solder Pastes

New lead-free, no-clean solder paste technologies



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